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Johnny J Blair with Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton backstage at a Monkees reunion tour concert, Atlanta, GA, 6/3/11. Besides being an amazing, award-winning actor, Billy Bob is an accomplished musician. He stopped by with his drummer, James Michael Bruce.

Many pivotal changes since this blog was updated last May… finished a Monkees tour of the UK and USA, did solo shows and shows with Davy Jones around the USA and Canada, and I’m now back in San Francisco working on a studio project (helping to expand a room, miscellaneous session work, recording new tunes). I kept photo journals on my Facebook Musician Page.

Oh!–and I finished my “noir pop” album I LIKE THE STREET (released on Wampus Multimedia, Oct 2011) . Some are saying that it’s the best I’ve ever done! It sold out on Amazon and CD Baby (now back in stock) and is still rolling out on the air waves and review waves, such as these:

Retroactive KAOS

Daily Vault

and podcast:
The New Kid & Nic Radio Hour (Episode 12)

Thanks to everyone who has so passionately supported this album, from Japan to Poland! During the process of making this record, I realized that I’ve never recorded music in a linear fashion. Most artists go into the studio with “a map” of X amount of songs and schedule, like laying out a novel. For a range of reasons I’ve never been able to record that way. Instead I record the way some people make entries in a diary or journal, based on your locale and who you’re with and what situation you’re in. I’ve come to regard all my recordings as “audio journals,” tracking who I’m with and where I am (and what studio happens to be available), edited to wrap around a theme or goal. Such is the case with I LIKE THE STREET. It has a definite theme and style thread, but it’s also about my highly esteemed colleagues and friends and the places I’ve been. Please listen accordingly.

Now I need to get back to work and plot my next set of live shows so I can see all your beaming faces again.

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