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Travel Brochure

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photo by Jennifer Dawson, Schenectady, NY, 1/27/10

October was so busy I didn’t get around to cranking out an e‑newsletter. On First Friday, in the sunny rotunda of the JV Brown Library in Williamsport, I gigged with keyboardist Ryan Redebaugh, who lent an ambience to the show. Fast-forward to California, where I did a Davy Jones session at famed Studio D in Sausalito, then to San Francisco for a solo show and a recording session with Erik Nielsen, four Davy Jones shows at the Rrazz Room, then back to PA, after catching the flu—it felt like I’d been thrown from a building. Even my hair hurt. Then back into Mind’s Eye studio, then off to a pair of amazing shows in Wisconsin with Davy Jones, then back to PA, where I caught a cold. Time to chill out and get well.

On the Air
…or not on the air, as the case may be…I’m closing down the Billtown Bus Stop Radio Hour (my weekly radio show), on 89.7/WVYA‑FM. The last broadcast will be on December 27th. Details forthcoming.

Please listen to a lively performance of “Somebody Loves You (Like Dino Said)” at MadHouse Coffee in Brisbane, CA (10/7/10), with Erik Nielsen on drums. Thanks to Kyoko Hosokawa for posting it.

In the Studio
Check out my funky-baroque keyboard part on the new album by Fletcher Kaufman.

My musical “travel brochure” is back: Exotic Animals & Beaches of Pennsylvania, my 2001 EP with special guests Davy Jones (Monkees), Mike Roe (The 77s), and other luminaries. Bonus cuts include an unreleased cover of Mike Nesmith’s “Silver Moon.” The EP is available as a download album for $1 or “name your price” at

Davy co-wrote and appears on the title cut, described as a “madcap soundtrack to an Amish sci-fi espionage film you’ll never see.” Mike Roe duets on the Beach Boys-like anthem “(I Wanna Bein) Pennsylvania.” Other cuts include an alternate mix of “She’s Not Some Animal” and concert clips from 2003. The CD cover was illustrated by Chris Yambar, artist-writer for Alice Cooper, Mr. Beat comics, The Simpsons, and others.

And on that note&#8230
Now it’s your turn to tell me how you’re doing… keep those cards and letters coming. Play skillfully with a loud noise (Psalms 33:3)!