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Another Look at ‘Door in the Water’

September 22, 2010 - 9:00 pm Comments Off


Johnny J Blair & October (San Francisco, 1986)
(L-R) Anna, me, Bridget, Chris, Victor, Ron

Iam celebrating the 25th Anniversary of my first full-length album, Door in the Water. It has been expanded (bonus material) and remastered (by Scott Francis) as a download album. You can listen free or buy the whole album for $1 or “name your own price” at bandcamp. Proceeds help me pay studio bills for the recording I’m working on now&#8230 Here’s the link with cover art, photos, reviews from around the world, and “historical” notes.

The above photo brings back silver memories of my band, October. They helped me to promote the album, and we made recordings and videos. Most of all, I’m grateful we’re all still in touch and keeping the creative flames stoked.

On the Air
Thanks to Silent Planet Radio for playing my songs in August.

On my Facebook musician page I’ve uploaded clips from a 9/1/88 rehearsal in San Francisco with Buddy and Julie Miller, sessions with Jonny Vee from 11/84, and a live cover of Nick Lowe’s “Breaking Glass” from 7/03.

In the Studio
Progress report on I Like the Street: Other than a quick keyboard and editing session, basic tracking is done. “If I Could Dress Like Clive Owen,” “Even in the Night,” and “Nothing Like Williamsport” are mixed. Yet to be mixed are the title song, “What Goes On” (Velvet Underground cover), “Night Garden” (with Beyondo and Mike Garson), “It’s In Your Hands” (a rock tango quoting Erik Satie), “Precious Gem” (a song for my daughter), and “Wherever You Run,” which I just posted as my Song of the Month, with lyrics inspired by early poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

And on that note&#8230
For about a year I’ve been working on a historical fiction novel; I’m nine chapters into it. The plot centers on music, spanning 1934 to 1980, engaging the lives of George Gershwin, Che Guevara (who hated American music), New Wave rock music culture of the late 70s, and bike messengers of San Francisco&#8230 and that’s all I have to say about that.

Play skillfully with a loud noise (Psalms 33:3)!