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‘Door in the Water’ Has Floated Back!

August 23, 2010 - 12:22 pm Comments Off


My first full-length album (from 1985), Door in the Water, has been re-released as a 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition download album on bandcamp. You “name your own price” to download, starting at $1. That’s right&#8212get the whole thing for $1 or “name your own price.” The recording has been remastered (by Scott Francis), and you can hear the vocals and midrange better than before. Plus it comes with loads of bonus material and detailed historical notes.

Thanks for your support!

Musical Vocabulary

August 9, 2010 - 12:32 am Comments Off


Absorb Festival, Brandon Park, Williamsport, PA, Summer 2008
(photo provided by Absorb Festival)

Everyone has a musical vocabulary having to do with a sense of personal nostalgia, feelings, tastes, attitudes, or even an agenda. There’s nothing wrong with that. Affirmation is fine, but for me to keep enjoying music and for me to keep making music, I must be challenged! Music has to give me a bloody nose, not just a warm blanket. I need a constantly growing musical vocabulary that comes from integrity and achievement. That is where I get fresh musical ideas I can give to the world&#8230 the music I will hear in heaven.” &#8212Javier Gabriel [Mexican-American composer 1898-1980]

On the Air
Please take a look at the “July Journey to Japan” photos and other galleries now up on my Facebook Musician Page.

Thanks to Silent Planet Radio for playing my songs in July.

My own radio show, The Billtown Bus Stop Radio Hour, can be listened to here. July shows included appearances by Bret Alexander and Ed Randazzo, Rob Steele, and Michael Miller&#8230 Michael and I spent some time giving appreciation to that handsome genius Michael Roe (The 77s), who brought us together. In fact, Roe taught us everything we know, and he’s the only rock musician we know that got a product endorsement from Dairy Queen [just kidding].

In the Studio
Some people have asked if they can pre-purchase my new CD, I Like the Street&#8230 yes, you can. Send $15 (or whatever you can afford) to my PayPal account (the3blrs at comcast dot net) or mail a check/money order to me at PO Box 492, Williamsport, PA 17703-0492, USA. I will sign and number CDs bought in advance of the release date. I thank you immensely, as pre-purchasing helps with the studio bills.

I’m laying off solo gigs until September, while I concentrate on studio work. In recent weeks I’ve done keyboards for Fletcher Kaufman in his Williamsport lair, then up to Douglas, MA, to do bass and vocals for Sam Bowen’s next album. I’m also producing “a mystery truck driver.”

And on that note&#8230
Play skillfully with a loud noise (Psalms 33:3)!