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Music in May

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photo by Sachiko Ishikawa, Disney Epcot, May 2010

My next album, I LIke the Street, is moving along. Some people have asked if they can pre-purchase a CD…yes, you can. Send $15 to my PayPal account (the3blrs at comcast dot net). I will sign and number CDs bought in advance of the release date…and I thank you immensely, as pre-purchasing helps with the studio bills.

My songs “Even in the Night” and “Nothing Like Williamsport” are finished. The McCartney-Piazzolla-Satie-flavored song “It’s in Your Hands” is waiting to be mixed. In May, drummer Keith Kavanaugh (of Ron Fleeger & the Stranger) did tracks for the title song, “What Goes On” (a cover of the Velvet Underground song), a song by Jennie and Steve Kanski called “I Kept on Walking (A Pivotal Moment in Time)” (which I’ve taken into a Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music style), and a new Brian Wilson-influenced song called “Run.” Bass and keyboards are done on these songs.

We’re still playing around with the Beyondo/Blair mix of “Night Garden,” as I was blessed to be able to add a piano track by Mike Garson. He has played with everyone from Stanley Clarke to Gwen Stefani, but is best known as David Bowie’s pianist. In one pass, Mike tore into “Night Garden” and flew in a wild improvisation, somewhere between a Latin Stravinsky and “Aladdin Sane.” Thanks Mike!

On the Air
My radio show, The Billtown Bus Stop Radio Hour, is back on the air! Details forthcoming…

Thanks to Scrub Radio (Ontario, CA) and Songsmith Dennis Holseybrook’s “Music Motel” for airing my music and the music of my friends Aviva, Beyondo, Ron Fleeger & the Stranger, Davy Jones, and others.

And on that note…
I received an overwhelming number of responses to the May photo caption contest (I never knew so many people wanted a red paper clip). The winning captions will be posted in my July e-newsletter. Thanks, everybody!

If you’re one of the 600 million people on Facebook, please visit my musician page with music & photos.

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