“Technique must come from the heart.”

—Igor Stravinsky

Sound clips featured: “I Like the Street” and “Sunday Morning” (from Treadmarks and After Hours: Lou Reed Tribute. Check out my new song, “If I Could Dress Like Clive Owen,” on YouTube!

3/12/11 Tavares FL (photo by Carol Waldvogel)

Hello Music Fan and Friend… Before I go off to “be a Monkee,” I made time to reissue a stack of recordings that have been in limbo for too long. Here’s the deal:

1) DEATH, GOD, LOVE, & MONEY: An edgy-pop compilation of orphaned album tracks, cool demos, personally charged lyrics (“Autobiography 1957-79″), and punchy “just for fun” covers of The Monkees (a Kraftwerkian take of “Tapioca Tundra”), Doc Pomus, Rolling Stones, and (one of my favorites): A remake of The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” as if it were a haunted shipwreck tale scored by King Crimson for Kabuki theatre… and, by popular demand, the studio version of “The Check is in the Mail!” [read more]